105 Senior Thesis Topics on Popular Subjects

You may have the right senior thesis ideas, but you may be finding it difficult to craft those into a senior thesis topic. This is understandable as many students experience this. However, there’s no need to fret. In this article, you will get as many high school senior thesis topics for different subjects. So, continue reading!

Senior Thesis Topics

History Senior Thesis Topics

  1. How America’s Christopher Columbus Contributed To Modern-Day Racism
  2. The Rise and Fall of Four Ancient Superpowers

Political Science Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Which Country Will Be The World’s Superpower In The Next Ten Years: USA or China?
  2. How Democracy Has Failed As A System of Government In The 21st Century

Graphic Design Senior Thesis Topics

  1. A Study of The Evolution of Graphic Design In Different Centuries
  2. Colours In Graphic Design: What Colours Are Great and Which Ones Are Bad?

Senior Thesis Topics Psychology

  1. What Is The Relationship Between Eating Disorders and Mental Health?
  2. How Do Deaf People Think In Words Internally?

Criminal Justice Senior Thesis Topics

  1. The Rate of Crime During The Lockdown
  2. Does Solitary Confinement Have Any Impact on The Criminal?

Journalism Senior Thesis Topics

  1. How Journalists Function Better Under Harsh Regimes Than In A Democracy
  2. A Study of Press Freedom In Select Countries
  3. Why Media Houses Did Not Cover The Stories of People Who Died During The Lockdown As A Result of Hunger
  4. A Study of How Women Journalists Are Mistreated In Select Countries

Law Topics

  1. Why Spousal Support Has No Place In The 21st Century
  2. Abortion: A Legal Right For The Mother, An Abused Right Of The Foetus

Library Science Topics

  1. A Comparative Study of E-libraries and Physical Libraries
  2. The Challenges Of Physical Libraries In A World of Digitization
  3. The Attitude of Students of Select Schools Towards The Use of Libraries
  4. Libraries in First-World Countries vs Libraries In Third-World Countries

Special Education Senior Thesis Topics

  1. The Challenges of Teaching Special Needs Children In Select Countries
  2. The Problems Special Needs Students Encounter When Choosing A Dissertation Topic

Child Dental Health Senior Thesis Topics

  1. The Effects of Parental Oral Hygiene On Their Child
  2. A Study of The Impacts of Oral Hygiene in Infants and Teenagers

Child Nursing Senior Thesis Topics

  1. The Causes of Speech Delay In Infant
  2. Eating Disorders In Children and The Effects In Adulthood

Midwifery Senior Thesis Topics

  1. The Effects of Lack of Antenatal Care In Cryptic Pregnancies
  2. Mental Illness: A Consequence of Postpartum Depression?

English Literature Topics

  1. A Study of Literature In Ancient Africa
  2. The Role of Women In Literature In The Renaissance Era
  3. The Origins of Stage Play
  4. The Difference Between Literature In Europe and America

Real Estate Management Topics

  1. A Study of Land Ownership In Select European Countries
  2. A Study of Berlin’s Real Estate Market
  3. The Relationship Between Real Estate Management and Banking Services

Computer Science Topics

  1. A Study of The Challenges of Marketing Computer Devices In Select Countries
  2. Artificial Intelligence: A Destruction Waiting To Happen?

Food Science Topics

  1. A Comparative Study of Fresh Food and Frozen Food
  2. The Effects Of Introducing Solid Food To Babies Before Six Months

Music Senior Thesis Topics

  1. A Study On The Different Genres of Music In Different Generations
  2. How Beyonce Remains Relevant In The Music Industry Despite Not Getting A Number One In Years
  3. Rap Music: A Creative Genius or A Damaging Music?
  4. The Psychological Effects of Music

Health Education Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Sanitation In The Hostels of University Students
  2. The Rate of Yeast Infection Amongst Female Students In The University

International Relations Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Is Global Security Feasible or Is It But A Myth?
  2. How China Is Using Global Lending To Achieve Superpower Status

Religious Studies Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Comparing Religions: Why Every Religion Thinks That Theirs Is The Superior
  2. Idol Worship: A Representation of Gods or A Complete Fallacy

Economics Senior Thesis Topics

  1. How Superpower Countries Use Economic Power To Rule The World
  2. Cryptocurrency: A Replacement For Oil In The Economic Sector?

Animal Science Senior Thesis Topics

  1. A Study of The Transmission of Select Diseases From Animal To Man
  2. Why Humans Eat What Goats Eat During The War

Ophthalmology Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Why Eye Problems Are More Common In The 20th and 21st Century
  2. The Limitations of Laser Surgery

Agriculture Science Thesis Topics

  1. Organic Food vs Canned Food: Benefits and Impacts
  2. Why Every Human Should Grow Basic Food

Microbiology Senior Thesis Topic

  1. A Study of Africa’s Reaction To COVID-19

Guidance and Counselling Senior Thesis Topics

  1. The Effect of Early Marriage On The Individuals’ Mental Health
  2. The Impact of Guidance and Counselling For Preventing Teenage Pregnancy

Business Administration Senior Thesis Topics

  1. A Study of Work Stress On Banker’s Mental Health and Work Performance
  2. A Comparative Study of Different Marketing Techniques

Accounting Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Automated Accounting Software vs Manual Accounting Software
  2. How Auditors Easily Become Accomplices In Fraud Cases

Physiology Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Exercises People With Long-life Diseases Should Avoid
  2. The Health Damages of Select Prescribed Medication

Nutrition Science Senior Thesis Topics

  1. A Study of Certain Food That Prevents Cancerous Cells
  2. Why Keto Diet Is Not Feasible For Weight Loss

Health Management Senior Thesis Topics

  1. The Impact of Global Warming On Human Health
  2. The Effects of Climate Change Global Health Care

Human Behavioural Science Senior Thesis Topics

  1. The Psychology of Today’s Cancel Culture
  2. Peer Pressure and Why Students Easily Fall

Veterinary Medicine Senior Thesis Topic

  1. A Study of The Bursal Virus In Broilers

Business Management Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Hostility At The Workplace: A Necessary Evil
  2. Bullying In The Workplace
  3. Leadership In The Workplace: Teamwork or Sole Player?
  4. Should Women in The Workplace Be Granted Menstrual Leave?

Banking and Finance Senior Thesis Topics

  1. What Makes A Bank Go Out of Business?
  2. E-Banking: Benefits and Challenges

Insurance Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Why Citizens of Select Countries Are Averse To Buying Insurance Plans
  2. How Regulatory Bodies Negatively Affect Insurance Companies

Marketing Senior Thesis Topics

  1. The Challenges of Digital Marketing
  2. The Effects of Customer Behaviour On Social Media

Hospitality and Tourism Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Leisure Rooms In The Workplace
  2. The Impact of Customers’ Ever-changing Expectations

French Senior Thesis Topic

  1. A Study of France’s Ancient Superpower Status

Dermatology Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Three Skin Disorders and How Organic Products Contribute To Them
  2. The Dangers of Constantly Lathering Skin Care Products On Skin

Pediatrics Senior Thesis Topics

  1. How To Prevent Cardiac Arrest In Infants
  2. How To Help An Infant Who’s Been Sexually Abused

Pharmaceutical Sciences Senior Thesis Ideas

  1. Why Patients Prefer To Get A Pharmacist Prescription
  2. The Effect of Certain Medication on Life Expectancy

Philosophy Senior Thesis Topics

  1. A Critique of The Theory of Metaphysics
  2. War: A Necessity For The Continuity of Humankind

Social Work Senior Thesis Ideas

  1. Discussing The Legality of Suicide
  2. Why Soldiers Back From War Should Receive PTSD Therapy
  3. The Importance of Family Therapy

Sociology Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Cultural Biases and Gender Stereotypes In The 21st Century
  2. Marriage: A Necessity or An Outdated Institution
  3. Does A Child Need Two Parents of The Opposite Sex To Function As An Individual?

Arts Education Senior Thesis Topics

  1. How Arts Education Helps Special Needs Children Uncover Their Hidden Genius
  2. What Is Arts Education?
  3. The Differences and Similarities Between Arts Education and Culture
  4. How Can Arts Education Be Applied To Real Life?
  5. What Does It Take To Be An Arts Educator?


With these 105 free topics, you no longer have to fret about writing your senior thesis. Also, you can choose to tweak the topics if you fear that your supervisor will Google them first. Remember to do in-depth research on your topic. Also, don’t forget to reference your sources. All these will help increase your chances of getting a good score.